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Black Phantasies

let your fantasies unwind in this darkness which you know you cannot fight.

I hate these things - it's like limiting yourself to an HTML text box.

I'll try and stick to nonconformity and leave the rest of what I haven't said to imagination. (Am I truly so mysterious...?)

I like waking up during sunrises with the birds all chirping, then I usually whisper to myself, "What a nice touch..." and then falling out of my bed with bliss. (Corny.) I'm majorly geeky and may appear lazy at times; I'm actually focusing on the finer things in life than the things at hand. (LONG LIVE THE ZEN!) If you screw me over I tend to hold a grudge; I'm quite the vengeful person. Fortunately for you I don't own razors. (Sweeney Ellen.)

I depend on Johnny Depp, chocolate cigarettes, and my Phantom loverboy.

I carry a mutual dislike (*coughHATEhack*) for those who shun their manners, and brunettes who get all ditzy and giggly on purpose to woo a boy. (Leave it to the platinum blondes.)I also dislike sauer kraut for several reasons, so if you lob some at me, I might have to slit your throat or hang you from the rafters of an opera house.

I can write and roleplay with a very good voice. I can be a simmering intellectual one day, a cross dresser the next, and a turncoat (REPUBLICAN) politician after that. I'm versatile, snaking from character to character at will.

So, am I a mystery? You be the judge. (*Wink*)